DR rewrite stage 1 COMPLETE

Yep! It’s taken me a lot longer because college loves to throw curveballs, but I finally got the rewrite done. All that’s left is to edit it then ship it out to beta readers. With any luck, it’ll be available by the end of May. Apologies for having to push the date back so many times. New Fate will have a firm deadline and stick to it.

Also I decided to release newsletters only when novels or serials are released. It just feels more me and less spam that some blog told me I HAVE to do for marketing.

This blog will also probably be updated once or twice a month until summer/winter breaks for the next few years. I’m learning how to balance personality and professionalism online and on this blog, which is exciting. I’ve been hitting and missing for the last couple years, so hopefully I can nail down exactly what I want out of this little space on the interwebs more firmly from now on.

But yeah! All good things coming soon. I can’t wait to show y’all the new Dominant Race.

Game of Thrones Exhibit: ALL the Photos

So we went to the Game of Thrones exhibit that’s part of SXSW in Austin. We drove to Austin JUST for it because we’re awesome fanderps that way. (Yeah, I know, fanderps is an awesome word. You’re welcome.) They wouldn’t let us use normal cameras but encouraged us to use our phones to take pictures and share with their official hashtag on social media. A good marketing ploy to get hype for the new season, which comes out in a month (EEEEASDASD). Fortunately my phone took great pictures.

My husband also took pictures! He said I can post them too, but I’m exhausted. They’ll go up soon, at least the ones that have better angles than the ones I took, but sometime over the week. IT’S SPRING BREAK FOR ME. WHAT WHAT.

I have an art assignment that will take me to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston sometime by the end of the week. I’ll post pictures of that too. But yeah, tell me what you think of these! It was a grand time, and I can strike sitting in the Iron Throne off my bucket list.

A Gamer Valentines Extravaganza III (2014): With Nerdy Honorable Mentions

It continues! This is the third Valentine’s Day gamer style. And these are so popular I decided to also include some honorable nerdy mentions at the bottom.

In the others I included my sources, but this time around I got these all from Tumblr and can’t find the original posts. Sorry!

View 2012’s | view 2013’s | view 2015’s (we have to get there first)

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Blog Tour Time: An Interview with Jason T. Graves

Ee! See Pathos in there? :D

So the lovely Clare Davidson has put together a blog tour with YA or YA themed books/short stories. Since I was a part of one of her other tours previously, I was more than happy to participate in this one. So! I had offered a free copy of my short story Pathos. Glenn Woods won that giveaway. Expect an email soon.

But this wouldn’t be a tour without a whole group of authors, right? It’s strange that Jason turned out to be the one I got to interview. Why? Well, he gave me invaluable advice on Dominant Race and was the one who made me realize it deserved a proper rewrite/could be rewritten and salvaged. It’s been one of the best decisions I could’ve made.

SO, without any more emotional and personal meandering, here’s my interview with Jason Graves about his book Blood Roses. Continue reading