Life experiences: my first summer job!

Don’t laugh. There are a lot of y’all out there that have long-winded jobs, twelve hour days, six days a week. Y’all are amazing. But I’ve had major anxiety about getting even a small job for the majority of my adulthood, to the point of panic attacks. Even the thought of applying would bring me to the point of a panic attack. SO MUCH PANIC.

At the disco?

So the fact that I finally have one and am alive and not miserable and learning a lot about interacting with other people means a lot to me.

That’s why I disappeared again, but you know what? Irregular blog posts aren’t killer. I’m tired of feeling like I have to stick to the advice of blogging geniuses like Anne R Allen or Kristen Lamb. They’re awesome, but it’s not working for me, clearly, so it’s time to just unhook from that convention and do it the way I want. Irregularity! So I will post, don’t worry. I’m still around, especially on Twitter, and there’s something liberating to doing social media in a way I’m most comfortable with instead of the way I feel expected to go.

As for Dominant Race, the edits have begun! Also a novella is in the works, revolving around Lilia and Avari, as well as a short story collection. All good things. Meanwhile, making money is nice. Very nice.

Having a job has also shown me that I can and must get better about being diligent with my writing schedule. There are too many times I feel like, ah I can write in an hour. Three hours pass, and I’m still stalling. That needs to stop if I want to get real, and I am going to get real about this. As petulant or immature or whatever as that sounds, I need to actually realize that I can’t get where I want without actually working hard for it. It’s the same as this job! And I get that a little better now, which is all for the better.

Life experiences are important. Who knew. :P

It’s SUMMER! Time to dust off the pixelated cobwebs.

Personal update time.

I swore I’d post a lot sooner, but then finals took over my life. BUT I survived the semester with a solid GPA so all is well in the world.

Now it’s summer, and there’s a lot of non-college things to do. Mostly writing. And summer movies like Godzilla and X-Men but hey, you know.

My first semester at university (just a local uni, nothing overly prestigious but still uni) was pretty tough, and I was sure I’d do terribly too. It was nice to totally prove myself wrong in that regard. So yeah. It as a good first semester at uni experience.

Now onto the writing stuffs!

DR, as mentioned before, is officially done and in the editing stages.

I expect to have that released by the end of summer, so August-ish time period. Again, I swear New Fate (HENCEFORTH KNOWN AS NF *in best mock-herald voice*) will have a much firmer deadline, but DR has been my first baby thrown out into the world. The one you make all the mistakes on and then learn how to do it better for its younger siblings. Or something. I’m not exactly a parent so yeah. I don’t really even have siblings either so I have no clue. Yeah. Yeaaaaah.


Also, there will be two short story collections released in the modified universe, one set before the events of DR and one set after/before the events of NF. So one that details how the people in DR got to be where they are and the other about how the people in NF get by in the years between.

The modified series isn’t like Harry Potter or something in that sense. It’s episodic and not continuous. Lilia isn’t the main character of all three books, so how all the other characters got there is important.

So yeah, all good things (*in best Olaf voice*).

How are y’all?


Blog Hop! Questions About My Writing Process

I’ve been tagged in a blog hop series that focuses on the writing process and general online social connectivity. Awesome stuff, right? Riiiight, yeah, this post should’ve been posted on Sunday. I fail at social even online, apparently. Thanks to the lovely Angela Roquet for her patience in my tardiness.

At this point does it surprise anyone that I got tagged in another event and am also late to that show, too? But that’s tomorrow’s post.

So! Angela, who writes YA and is pretty amazing, gave me four questions to answer.

i) What am I working on?

Surviving my three finals, which start on Thursday and culminate in a two-part special on Monday (a two-fer, how lovely…). Oh, writing, right. I finally finished Dominant Race’s rewrite and am in the process of handing that out to my various tiers of beta readers. THEN I get to move onto New Fate, its sequel, at long last. Then to City of Isolation, which is technically the end of the modified series, though my brain has been expanding on certain what-ifs that might eventually get some spotlight. But all of that to say, Dominant Race edits and New Fate drafting.

ii) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Uhhh, I’m my own worst critic so I think my writing is crap half the time, but it Dominant Race and the modified series in general has to do with genetic modification in a dystopian setting. The question isn’t should we pursue genetic modification. The entire series deals with the fact that someone, at some point in time, decided the answer to that question was yes, and then they merged animal and human DNA to make modified, and then the world collapsed into unforeseen ruin. Now the modified have to deal with the fact that someone made them and that people in the Cities, normals, have shunned them. It’s a pretty interesting moral and ethical ground, which is what is so fun about science fiction and dystopian work.

iii) Why do I write what I do?

Because I had a strange what-if nagging at me until I wrote it down. A lot of my fantasy and science fiction stories stem from basic concepts and hypothetical situations. I also love these genres and can’t imagine working on anything else.

iv) How does my writing process work?

Verrrrrry carefully.

Had to put a Mass Effect reference in here somewhere.

No seriously, I don’t drink but I do spend a lot of time on the internet or playing video games. Then something will percolate, crawl out of the ooze that is my plot bunny-riddled brain and demand I write a story. Cue the neurotic love-hate dance of OMG THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER and THIS SUCKS I SUCK I WILL NEVER DO THIS JUSTICE. It’s really complicated. All in the footwork, you know?

Anyway, eventually a draft comes forth, usually after months of work (DR took me the least amount of time draft-wise, but the longest in edits). Then I read it, make my husband read it, make changes and touch ups. Then the beta readers get their hands on it and nitpick away. More edits follow, and then voilaFinished.

As easy as that sounds — you can make anything sound easy in two paragraphs — it’s really a lot of sobbing, stressing, ice cream eating, writing, and practically dreaming about the various symbols and potential plot holes in your story for something between six months to a year.

Writing is hard, but I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

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I tag…

Jessica Marshman: Fantasy author extraordinaire! Lover of books, video games, bad jokes, and cats.

Jason Cantrell: Rowan U. Grad, Major in Writing Arts, Minor in Communication Studies.

Thanks to Clare Davidson yet again for starting this blog hop, and to Angela for tagging me. Sorry it was late, but thanks for the interest in my writing process regardless!

What do you think of my writing process?

DR rewrite stage 1 COMPLETE

Yep! It’s taken me a lot longer because college loves to throw curveballs, but I finally got the rewrite done. All that’s left is to edit it then ship it out to beta readers. With any luck, it’ll be available by the end of May. Apologies for having to push the date back so many times. New Fate will have a firm deadline and stick to it.

Also I decided to release newsletters only when novels or serials are released. It just feels more me and less spam that some blog told me I HAVE to do for marketing.

This blog will also probably be updated once or twice a month until summer/winter breaks for the next few years. I’m learning how to balance personality and professionalism online and on this blog, which is exciting. I’ve been hitting and missing for the last couple years, so hopefully I can nail down exactly what I want out of this little space on the interwebs more firmly from now on.

But yeah! All good things coming soon. I can’t wait to show y’all the new Dominant Race.

Game of Thrones Exhibit: ALL the Photos

So we went to the Game of Thrones exhibit that’s part of SXSW in Austin. We drove to Austin JUST for it because we’re awesome fanderps that way. (Yeah, I know, fanderps is an awesome word. You’re welcome.) They wouldn’t let us use normal cameras but encouraged us to use our phones to take pictures and share with their official hashtag on social media. A good marketing ploy to get hype for the new season, which comes out in a month (EEEEASDASD). Fortunately my phone took great pictures.

My husband also took pictures! He said I can post them too, but I’m exhausted. They’ll go up soon, at least the ones that have better angles than the ones I took, but sometime over the week. IT’S SPRING BREAK FOR ME. WHAT WHAT.

I have an art assignment that will take me to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston sometime by the end of the week. I’ll post pictures of that too. But yeah, tell me what you think of these! It was a grand time, and I can strike sitting in the Iron Throne off my bucket list.