Life experiences: my first summer job!

Don’t laugh. There are a lot of y’all out there that have long-winded jobs, twelve hour days, six days a week. Y’all are amazing. But I’ve had major anxiety about getting even a small job for the majority of my adulthood, to the point of panic attacks. Even the thought of applying would bring me to the point of a panic attack. SO MUCH PANIC.

At the disco?

So the fact that I finally have one and am alive and not miserable and learning a lot about interacting with other people means a lot to me.

That’s why I disappeared again, but you know what? Irregular blog posts aren’t killer. I’m tired of feeling like I have to stick to the advice of blogging geniuses like Anne R Allen or Kristen Lamb. They’re awesome, but it’s not working for me, clearly, so it’s time to just unhook from that convention and do it the way I want. Irregularity! So I will post, don’t worry. I’m still around, especially on Twitter, and there’s something liberating to doing social media in a way I’m most comfortable with instead of the way I feel expected to go.

As for Dominant Race, the edits have begun! Also a novella is in the works, revolving around Lilia and Avari, as well as a short story collection. All good things. Meanwhile, making money is nice. Very nice.

Having a job has also shown me that I can and must get better about being diligent with my writing schedule. There are too many times I feel like, ah I can write in an hour. Three hours pass, and I’m still stalling. That needs to stop if I want to get real, and I am going to get real about this. As petulant or immature or whatever as that sounds, I need to actually realize that I can’t get where I want without actually working hard for it. It’s the same as this job! And I get that a little better now, which is all for the better.

Life experiences are important. Who knew. :P

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2 thoughts on “Life experiences: my first summer job!

  1. Your co-workers…their characters are going to winkle their way into a story. Only the names will be changed to protect the innocent. Just saying… :-)

    Blogging your own way is good. You have to do what works for you. And it takes time away from the important stuff – you know, writing.

    • A few of them already have, as well as some not-so-great and equally amazing customers. So that’s been a fun experience.

      As for the blogging, yeah, I was tired of stressing about doing that AND writing on top of it all. And until recently I’ve been very bad about procrastination in the writing area so it felt even worse.

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