It’s SUMMER! Time to dust off the pixelated cobwebs.

Personal update time.

I swore I’d post a lot sooner, but then finals took over my life. BUT I survived the semester with a solid GPA so all is well in the world.

Now it’s summer, and there’s a lot of non-college things to do. Mostly writing. And summer movies like Godzilla and X-Men but hey, you know.

My first semester at university (just a local uni, nothing overly prestigious but still uni) was pretty tough, and I was sure I’d do terribly too. It was nice to totally prove myself wrong in that regard. So yeah. It as a good first semester at uni experience.

Now onto the writing stuffs!

DR, as mentioned before, is officially done and in the editing stages.

I expect to have that released by the end of summer, so August-ish time period. Again, I swear New Fate (HENCEFORTH KNOWN AS NF *in best mock-herald voice*) will have a much firmer deadline, but DR has been my first baby thrown out into the world. The one you make all the mistakes on and then learn how to do it better for its younger siblings. Or something. I’m not exactly a parent so yeah. I don’t really even have siblings either so I have no clue. Yeah. Yeaaaaah.


Also, there will be two short story collections released in the modified universe, one set before the events of DR and one set after/before the events of NF. So one that details how the people in DR got to be where they are and the other about how the people in NF get by in the years between.

The modified series isn’t like Harry Potter or something in that sense. It’s episodic and not continuous. Lilia isn’t the main character of all three books, so how all the other characters got there is important.

So yeah, all good things (*in best Olaf voice*).

How are y’all?


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3 thoughts on “It’s SUMMER! Time to dust off the pixelated cobwebs.

    • Ack, summer classes. I was actually really tempted to take a religion and Tolkien class this summer, but I can’t get a ride to the campus so I’ll have to hope it gets offered again during spring or fall.

      That would be an interesting story if we were! But yeah, all revising for me until August. Except for my short stories.

  1. What else were you studying at uni? A Tolkien class sounds brilliant! I see Viggo Mortensen was slightly bagging the movies today.

    My life’s taken an interesting turn. For the first time in 17 years I don’t have a forward writing contract with a publisher. Sign of the times I suspect. Probably the kick in the backside I need to get the novel re-started…I always was going to do that when the non-fiction ran out, except it never did until now (of course, I still have the editorial work to do on the NF stuff I’ve got with the publishers – excuses, excuses :-)).

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