What is your favorite college subject?

It can be super specific or general. Since university has taken over my life, I figured I’d bring it up here too!

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6 thoughts on “What is your favorite college subject?

  1. Writing! The favourite thing I’ve studied was writing, which I did at a polytechnic way back when. My favourite university course was one I did on movies (‘lectures’ involved watching movies…tres cool). My LEAST favourite was anthropology, but I did finish my major in it.

    • I have yet to get a film class, but it’s definitely on the list. My English classes so far have been so-so. Hopefully they pick up.

      What was so bad about anthropology classes?

      • The first lecturer I had was dull and it sort of extinguished my interest. I admit it picked up in my third year. Post-grad, though, I did history (my other major). I’ll admit that the anthro stuff has stood me in very good stead since. :-)

      • That’s how my philosophy class is right now. I think I’d like it a lot more if the professor wasn’t so disjointed.

        I bet history and anthropology serve you well both in fiction and nonfiction.

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