Moving ever forward: college update!

So I was true to my goals and didn’t back out of the semester just because moving to a university really pushed my anxieties to the breaking point. That might sound silly to some of y’all, but I’m incredibly introverted. A place as large as University of Houston’s main campus was super daunting. BUT a friend of mine that I actually met online through WordPress happened to also go there, and she showed me around. So that made everything a hell of a lot easier.

I also am stuck on campus all day so it’s been good for writing between classes.

All of this to say, I’m alive, I’m active, I’m still writing. AND I’m doing a blog tour thingymabob with some awesome people in a few days, so keep an eye out for that interview.

How have y’all been?

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6 thoughts on “Moving ever forward: college update!

  1. Congrats! Beating anxiety can be a real bugger, and uni is crazy overwhelming, even for a relative extrovert. Too many people, too many things to learn, aaaah! I’m glad you had a friend to show you around, that always makes it easier eh.

    • Thanks J! Yeah, there’s always so many people and it’s so different from the community college I was going to. Mostly in a good way, but still. Change is scary stuff. Friends make everything better. They help me tackle my fears, shove me out the door on days I just want to be a hermit. Heh. Are you in college this semester? :)

      • I am indeed, I’m going into my third year, so everything is about to get far too real. Being a hermit isn’t all bad, but sometimes we need to emerge from our lairs eh :P

      • Oh cool! Good luck with your semester then. :)

        And yeah, gotta get that social interaction and education in there somehow, haha. Really it’s a great thing because it’s forcing me to adapt and grow as a person. Introverted ol’ me sometimes panics about that, but it’s not bad. I probably won’t be so optimistic about that once finals roll around though!

  2. As an also incredibly introverted person, I tip my hat to you! Congrats on just continuing to move forward. And have fun with the blog tour!

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