Some fun Grammar Nazi stuff

So I know the life update was kind of stuffy. Sorry about that. I figured I’d put something more lighthearted up today instead. Basically, I’m a pretty big Grammar Nazi among my friends (never to people I don’t know. That’s just crappy behavior), and they’re always linking me to stuff on the more technical side of prose that they find and think of me (and yes, I know this is a run-on sentence). Figured some of my writerly friends around here would get a kick out of a few of these.


Also I know Nazis aren’t cool. Just saying. It’s just totally true that I can be a rigid little derp about grammar rules with my friends, so the entire meme in general is hilarious to me. Don’t know what a Grammar Nazi is? Become enlightened about the meme here.


One thought on “Some fun Grammar Nazi stuff

  1. It’s definitely a cool meme. Nazis…not so much. Did you ever see ‘Iron Sky’? A Finnish/Australian movie. The schtik – in 1945, Nazi super-scientists escaped to the moon in UFO’s. In 2018…they’re back. And they’re mad. Seriously stupid concept – but it’s brilliantly scripted (and by non-English speakers to boot!).

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