On medical issues and Dominant Race’s sequel: a small life update

Yeah, January was one of those months where you start it going I’M GOING TO GET SHIT DONE. Then things start rolling and rolling, life throws you some curveballs and you fail to compensate for your already existing momentum as you try to make the corner and SPLAT.

Medical issues happen

In my case, I got a colposcopy, which is NOT a colonoscopy (haha), last Friday. It was probably the most invasive and awkward medical procedure I’ve ever had (which is saying something because I’ve had to have a portacath inserted just below my ribcage because where they would’ve normally inserted it was where the cancer was at), and I definitely don’t want to repeat that again. During the process, the doctor took 3 biopsies of my cervix of areas that looked problematic.

I don’t get my results back for another week and a half or so, and it’s hard not to be nervous. It could either be that I have to get the trouble areas removed via cryosurgery or cryotherapy or whatever it is they call it (she just said cryo, and it made me think of scifi movies), or they aren’t problematic enough, so they’ll monitor it and hope the abnormal cells go away on their own. You can’t imagine how hard I’m hoping for the latter because, as weird as it sounds, this procedure, which is relatively painless, really affects me.

This whole thing has been incredibly stressful. I’ve had cancer before, and I know cervical cancer is a slow moving thing, but it’s not really good for my anxiety. So I got hit with a cold the exact day after I had the colposcopy and haven’t really been 100% since. Today it’s a lot better, and I’m glad for that, but it’s been one of those months where I’ve just been grateful to get my schoolwork in on time.

So I apologize, for all my hopes at writing all these words and being consistent with blogging, I haven’t really been getting anywhere with those goals yet. Maybe when things slow down medically and I have a chance to breathe again.

In the meantime that means less consistency, and I feel bad about that, but what can you do?

New Fate updates

While I haven’t written much on New Fate, either, everything about the story is mapped out and plotted. It’s just a matter of getting out this fourth draft and sending it around to beta readers (some of whom are editors, so that’s convenient) to make sure I didn’t totally derp again. This means I DO expect it to still be for sale by the end of March, so no worries there.

I’m also really loving the fact that I made the changes I did. While Marcus, the MC, was and still is the main focus, a lot of the other characters get more time to shine int this version of the story, which is something I felt I messed up with in Dominant Race. Basically, I learned from the mistakes in the first book (and do intent to rewrite it eventually, way before it ever makes its way to print) and the rest of the series will be MUCH improved for it. That’s very exciting for me, as a writer that’s constantly trying to learn how to improve myself, you know?

Anyway, thanks for putting up with all these updates. If you read all this you get cool points from me. Not sure what you can do with them, but there you go. :)


Expect this inconsistency with blogging to be permanent until I get my medical issues sorted out. But New Fate WILL be on time and out at the end of March. With cooler characters and more solid, novel-length plot.

2 thoughts on “On medical issues and Dominant Race’s sequel: a small life update

  1. Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear you’re not well, and that you have to face such a difficult time. :( I hope you don’t allow fear and anxiety to gnaw at your creative spark, and sincerely hope things will turn out for the better. I’ll be thinking of you, sending you good vibes. :)

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