Witty derps between me and JP Marshman

I know that should read JP Marshman and I, but who needs grammatically correct titles when you’re mimicking speech? That was a tangent.

Apologies for being inconsistent after promising to be consistent. I finished what I was behind on but had a colposcopy today (and no, that’s not a colonoscopy. One has to do with the cervix, the other with shit), and that’s put me in a weird funk.

JP Marshman, an amazing writer and one of my best friends, and I were derping around on Skype. She was trying to cheer me up, which was awesome. After a while, I said I’d have to reference the characters or something in sequel to her upcoming Changeling book, Abomination, because it shares similarities in title with my story, The Abomination That Dreams. She said that would be the bomb. Or rather, she typed bob. This is what resulted:

Me: Now there has to be a bomb called the bob.



JPM:”Anything but the bob!”

Me: “Please, have mercy. Put the bob away.”

JPM: This entire thing is golden.

Me: “The bob: now in custom colors.”

For all you artists and writers, have you ever had a derpy moment like this with your friends? Do tell. :D

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