Favorite songs: Kat’s Theme by Noisia

This will sound incredibly silly to most of those who have gotten an English major, but I miscalculated how much reading was required for my British Lit class, as it’s the first English class that ever required copious amounts of reading, ever, in my entire student career. Chaucer can’t be figured out quickly, man.

That being said, today’s post is slightly filler, but still very relevant to me, in that I’ve been listening to it on repeat over and over again for the past four days (off and on, mind you. Not even I like to listen to a single song constantly, for more than one day).

I know it’s supposed to be a sad song, but for some reason I find it really soothing and introspective. Hopefully you do, too.

If not, here’s some solid, feels-inducing music for your Tuesday.

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