A Roundup of Writerly Links + Adorable Kittens and Awesome Music

I deeply apologize for not being around or consistent this week. I’ve been really busy and, honestly, time seemed to slip away from me. So this week I’m going to start something I’d like to do regularly: a roundup of writerly links. Useful, practical, and informative, this is the stuff I have in my feed reader and happened upon. If anyone has other awesome links, post them in the comments!

For those of you who aren’t writers, here’s an adorable kitten:

And an awesome playlist of awesome songs from composer and metalhead Daisuke Ishiwatari:

So, on with the writing news:

Apparently there’s a lawsuit going on. The Department of Justice filed it recently against some of the major publishers and Apple. Some have already settled, but others are going to court. These three link are just the start of a very large rabbit hole, and each has links to other links that I’m not going to post here.

The rest of these are a little random. Some are about marketing, others about self-publishing, and so on.

How has your week been? What are your weekend plans? Do you have any other useful links to add?
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2 thoughts on “A Roundup of Writerly Links + Adorable Kittens and Awesome Music

  1. It’s been a great weekend so far – I’ve been trying to get myself organised to write my next book, which I contracted in 2003 but which, for various reasons, has been delayed until now (I’ll blog about it soon). Been difficult. All afternoon, at a venue about 200 metres from my house, New Zealand’s loudest and most successful international band – “Shihad/Pacifier” – have been running a sound check. It’s gonna be good, and I won’t even have to pay to attend. I just go out into the back yard. One LOUD Saturday evening.

    Must remember not to live near a pub in future!

    • Haha, well the good music for free sounds great, if you weren’t trying to organize and such. Living so close to a pub probably has its ups and downs. If it’s horrid music you can’t escape it but if it’s brilliant you hear it for free. :D

      Good luck with your book. It sounds like you’ve had some ordeals with it.

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