Hey look! I’m not dead

Nobody remembers me promising to update more often, right? Right. Good. Because it’s been months.

The brief run-down

Classes started, summer ended, it started raining a lot, my lit class this semester revolves around the dystopian and apocalyptic genres so I’m a happy camper. Also desperately trying to get through my final math class — then no graded math for the rest of my freaking life. Hallelujah.

Ahem. What else?

This semester is helping me less socially awkward. Two classes require a presentation and discussions so sitting quietly with my head down isn’t an option. Freaked me out at first but I’m trying to see it as a growing thing.

Book updates!

Dominant Race needs some final editing touch-ups then it’ll be re-released by the end of the month or early October. I thought I could do both school and writing daily, but this semester laughed that notion out of the room pretty quickly. Still! DR will get done this year. And the rest will be produced faster. That’s my promise.

Nobody remember that one either, okay? Just in case…

So how’s life?

Playable vs Non-Playable Female Leads: One Writer’s Opinion

What’s this? Opinions? For shame!

I know I don’t normally throw my opinion around on the internet anymore, but I’ve decided to try and be a little more opinionated and true to myself on the internet in general, sooooo yeah! I have a pretty damn strong opinion about video games and female leads. So when PBS Game Show did a video on the greatest females in gaming history, I was a little surprised by the comments. (I know, I know, it’s Youtube but still.) Then I realized there’s a huge issue with playable vs non-playable female characters that people get conflated.

Some context

I’m a gamer and a woman that has never been well represented by any media, really; I’m large, broad, and have strong, almost mannish facial features. Women like me are always told we aren’t beautiful or good enough for whatever reason. We’re not skinny enough, we’re not typically beautiful. It’s no bueno. But that’s not the point.

The point is that female representation in video games is pretty terrible. If a woman is even in it, she’s often the damsel or a quest point. She isn’t the main character. I can’t step into her shoes. She isn’t playable.

Playable characters: it’s their story we’re experiencing

Why does that matter? Some of the coolest female leads in gaming have been non-playable! Zelda or her Shiek incarnation (not counting Super Smash Bros.), Cortana, a LOT of characters throughout the Final Fantasy series. You get your representation there! They’re badass!

Ignoring the fact that most of those women are overly sexualized anyway, a woman playing said video game won’t be in Zelda’s shoes. Zelda’s part of the story, namely Link’s. They’ll come to love Zelda, yes, but the game isn’t from her perspective. How Link deals with things isn’t how Zelda might (wouldn’t that be cool to see).  Cortana is Master Chief’s support in all things and she never wavers, but that is Master Chief’s story, not Cortana’s. And you know what? That’s fine. Seriously, I don’t want all games to be ALL ABOUT WOMEN FOREVAR.

But women need to have playable characters they can relate to — women of all types and sizes and attitudes and personalities. But mostly if we can’t get that then at least more female playable leads. The perspective of a woman as the main character is worthwhile, and while their gender really shouldn’t be a factor (rather the story itself), it is important because women are purposefully excluded as leads in games by designers.

Experiencing a story from a woman’s perspective is worthwhile

Women being represented in games matters  now more than ever — AKA there’s a lot of us that play games. Some of the NPCs will always be compelling, yes. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. We need damsels, fighters, mothers, sisters, all the female types under the sun.

But why not have more female leads? There’s seriously no legitimate reason at this point.

Women make up somewhere around 40% of the gaming populace these days. It’d be nice to be able to play as one for a change, and that’s important. Yes, there’s Tomb Raider (I hear the new one is pretty damn good too) and Mass Effect’s Femshep. Samus Aran is another go-to example I often get. There’s also a good number of other RPGs that allow for female leads.

All of that is great. I’m not discounting the female playable leads (or the NPCs) that do exist. But it’s not enough. Not nearly 40%. That may sound demanding, but I think the gaming industry is up to it, and should be given how many of their buyers are women.

Stay thy rage! This isn’t a feminist rant

It’s more a matter of I’d like to see more female playable characters so I can connect to more of the plots. Because there’s a lot of times I’m just not able. Not all women have this problem. A lot of women can play dudes no problem, but there are also those (like me) that can’t always do that. And the fact that we still have developers like Ubisoft claiming putting women in a game would double their workload is pretty bad. There won’t be a single female playable character in their new multiplayer game and that should say a lot, especially given the stink it caused for them (at least on social media; not sure how much it actually affected them, but they did become a funny meme).

In short: balance please

Having a solid variety of female playable and non-playable characters would be great, rather than the majority being non-playable. Since the amount of women playing games has increased to the size it is now, their representation in the games they play should be higher too. Simple!

Also, just because a game doesn’t have a female lead doesn’t mean it sucks or something. There are many types of games and stories in said games, and that’s awesome. Just needs more female playable characters! But that’s just my opinion. Feel free to comment about it.

Summer movies you should go see

I’ve always liked putting up reviews of books or movies or games that I love, but honestly? Most of the time I don’t want to piss anyone off or accidentally spoil something. SO I’m doing something a little different this time.

A lot of movies came out back-to-back lately. Lucky me, since all of them were amazing. Here are the ones you HAVE to see if you’re a bit geeky like I am, in no particular order:

How To Train Your Dragon 2

If you’re anywhere near Tumblr then you’d already know about this one, and the fact that Hiccup got a bazillion times hotter the second he hit twenty. This movie is better than the original, which is saying something since most sequels fall short of their parents.

Hiccup and Co. are back and there are more dragons involved this time around. It’s really hard to describe the movie without spoiling anything, but let’s just say there’s a few new characters, one of which is a jerk that is trying to control dragons for not-so-great reasons. Apparently voiced by Djimon Honsou, one of my favorite actors of all time.

As with the previous film, this one doesn’t pull its punches either. Be prepared to feel things. It’s worth it.


Out of all of these, this one is probably the one I questioned actually putting on this list. Why? Because the actors aren’t so great, and Bryan Cranston isn’t in nearly as much of the film as I expected or hoped for.

That being said, the fandom either loved it or hated it. A lot of people will tell you that Godzilla never got much screen time, but because the acting of the main human counterparts was so boring and stale, you really felt that time in between in this one.

STILL, the MUTOs were awesome and Godzilla looked amazing. Well worth seeing that behemoth at the movies, even if Japan thinks he’s gotten a little chubby in his American redo. Also I added in the poster because it’s a pretty freaking awesome poster.

X-Men: Days of Future Past


(Seriously though, go see it if you liked the original two movies or grew up with them like I did — dating myself a bit there. Quicksilver is also a fun little character worth experiencing too, and the Last Stand actors for Mystique and Magneto and Professor X really add to everything.)

Edge of Tomorrow

This one has Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in it. It’s a scifi, not unlike Cruise’s other one, Oblivion (not of the Elder Scrolls variety). It’s based off a Japanese novel/manga called All You Need Is Kill, and yes it’s been whitewashed. BUT this movie and its original are VERY different.

Edge of Tomorrow definitely gives homage to Starship Troopers and video games in general, oddly. It is also very humorous. It plays on the whole you can live and die repeatedly and restart the day over and over in surprisingly lighthearted ways. It’s not the dark thing that All You Need Is Kill. And I like it for that, since I’m kind of tired of all the dark and gritty truths. I’m an escapist at heart, I guess, and this is just pure fun.

The love bit also doesn’t exactly turn out the way it normally would, and I respect the movie more for it. Basically what I’m saying is go see it. Give the movie some love.


I saved the best for last. Seriously, I can’t talk enough about how amazing this movie is. We watched it twice and adored every second of it.

Angelina Jolie is a perfect Maleficent, and Elle Fanning makes me not hate Aurora and does the simple and pure but not stupid and shallow thing really well.

This is VERY different from the original Sleeping Beauty, and all for the better in my opinion. It definitely paints Maleficent in a more sympathetic, anti-hero light (which did disappoint some) but honestly, I didn’t know I wanted that until I sat my bum in that theater chair and saw it. Do the same, yeah? This one also deserves lots of love and attention.

What are your favorite summer movies so far? Which ones are you looking forward to seeing?



Life experiences: my first summer job!

Don’t laugh. There are a lot of y’all out there that have long-winded jobs, twelve hour days, six days a week. Y’all are amazing. But I’ve had major anxiety about getting even a small job for the majority of my adulthood, to the point of panic attacks. Even the thought of applying would bring me to the point of a panic attack. SO MUCH PANIC.

At the disco?

So the fact that I finally have one and am alive and not miserable and learning a lot about interacting with other people means a lot to me.

That’s why I disappeared again, but you know what? Irregular blog posts aren’t killer. I’m tired of feeling like I have to stick to the advice of blogging geniuses like Anne R Allen or Kristen Lamb. They’re awesome, but it’s not working for me, clearly, so it’s time to just unhook from that convention and do it the way I want. Irregularity! So I will post, don’t worry. I’m still around, especially on Twitter, and there’s something liberating to doing social media in a way I’m most comfortable with instead of the way I feel expected to go.

As for Dominant Race, the edits have begun! Also a novella is in the works, revolving around Lilia and Avari, as well as a short story collection. All good things. Meanwhile, making money is nice. Very nice.

Having a job has also shown me that I can and must get better about being diligent with my writing schedule. There are too many times I feel like, ah I can write in an hour. Three hours pass, and I’m still stalling. That needs to stop if I want to get real, and I am going to get real about this. As petulant or immature or whatever as that sounds, I need to actually realize that I can’t get where I want without actually working hard for it. It’s the same as this job! And I get that a little better now, which is all for the better.

Life experiences are important. Who knew. :P

It’s SUMMER! Time to dust off the pixelated cobwebs.

Personal update time.

I swore I’d post a lot sooner, but then finals took over my life. BUT I survived the semester with a solid GPA so all is well in the world.

Now it’s summer, and there’s a lot of non-college things to do. Mostly writing. And summer movies like Godzilla and X-Men but hey, you know.

My first semester at university (just a local uni, nothing overly prestigious but still uni) was pretty tough, and I was sure I’d do terribly too. It was nice to totally prove myself wrong in that regard. So yeah. It as a good first semester at uni experience.

Now onto the writing stuffs!

DR, as mentioned before, is officially done and in the editing stages.

I expect to have that released by the end of summer, so August-ish time period. Again, I swear New Fate (HENCEFORTH KNOWN AS NF *in best mock-herald voice*) will have a much firmer deadline, but DR has been my first baby thrown out into the world. The one you make all the mistakes on and then learn how to do it better for its younger siblings. Or something. I’m not exactly a parent so yeah. I don’t really even have siblings either so I have no clue. Yeah. Yeaaaaah.


Also, there will be two short story collections released in the modified universe, one set before the events of DR and one set after/before the events of NF. So one that details how the people in DR got to be where they are and the other about how the people in NF get by in the years between.

The modified series isn’t like Harry Potter or something in that sense. It’s episodic and not continuous. Lilia isn’t the main character of all three books, so how all the other characters got there is important.

So yeah, all good things (*in best Olaf voice*).

How are y’all?